Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 22: Returning Home From Oaxaca
I still am processing the fact that I'm back in New Jersey but its a bittersweet feeling. I'm happy that I'm home here in my own bed but at the same time I'm sad because I miss my host mom and the city of Oaxaca. I feel like I got used to speaking Spanish around my mom and the town that my brain didn't register that I will not be living in Oaxaca for the rest of the summer. I found myself stumbling on simple English words when speaking with my family at home and my friends, which was very embarrassing. I'm really happy that I'm bilingual again because I used to speak Italian fluently until high school ended and I stopped talking to my cousins back in Italy. I feel that Spanish is a very useful language that everyone in the United States should know because there is a large population of Latino immigrants especially in New Jersey. I'm so blessed that I had the opportunity to live in Oaxaca for a month with my wonderful host mother Socorro, take a medical anthropology class, take a sign language class ,and most importantly learn Spanish a. I'm also grateful to the wonderful staff at CORAL for letting me sit in and observe the therapies and participate with the children. I already miss those cute faces of Luis Jesus, Ernesto, and Angel. Once I feel more comfortable with Spanish I will return to Oaxaca and definitely do my masters thesis for global public health.

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