Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 18 in Oaxaca, Mexico: Reflections on Benito Juarez
I still am finding it hard to process that yesterday is the last excursion before we all go home. I feel like this month went way too fast and I wish the program was extended for a little longer. Yesterday was absolutely amazing! Personally, I think Benito Juarez was the best excursion out of all the ones me and my group went on. I got to zipline through the mountain which I never thought in a million years I would do. I'm not afraid of heights but I remember my mother telling me before I went on the trip not to zipline because she doesn't want me to jeporadize my life. Well, I did it and it wasn't scary at all I felt very safe doing it. I will admit that I am proud of myself for ziplining because you only live once and I didn't want to regret not trying it. Another part of the excursion I liked was walking up the mountain because I saw the nopale cactuses that my host mother makes in her soup. It was very beautiful observing these plants that are full of vitamins and tasty. I also loved looking at the scenery with the mountains in the background. Personally, I love taking pictures of mountains and I think it has become my new hobby. After, me and my group ziplined we had a nice lunch as always, beef with a red mole sauce, rice, and soup. I wish the day lasted longer but I'm definently going to make my last week the best before I head home to the United States.

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