Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 19 in Oaxaca, Mexico: Reflections about the Trip
Well I can't believe its July 3rd and in about 8 days I will be back in New Jersey. Personally, I feel like this month went very fast and I feel like Oaxaca is my home away from home. I really liked all the excursions me and the group went on but my favorite was Benito Juarez since I got to zip line across the mountain. I'm definitely going to miss my host mom's cooking and when she asks me and my roommates what time we want breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I really want to thank my host mom for treating me as if I was her daughter and not just another exchange student. I really enjoyed having my own room on the roof and waking up every morning to a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Also, I am going to miss the children and staff at CORAL, I had alot of fun observing and participating in the therapies because I got to bond with the children and I got to practice my spanish. Also, I want to thank Amigos del Sol for giving me a wonderful teacher Estaban. I learned alot from him and he was willing to answer all my questions if I found myself getting confused with any new material. I definently will reccommend this trip to any of friends who are younger than me because this is a great experience and very memorable. I love Oaxaca!

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