Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 21 in Oaxaca, Mexico: The Last Night
I can't believe its already July 7th and I'm finished packing all my clothes and souvenirs. I can't even describe the emotions I'm feeling right now. I'm really sad that I'm leaving but at the same time I feel ready to go home because I miss my house in the United States, my family, and my friends. This trip was a completely life changing experience and I couldn't have had it any other way. My experience working in CORAL have motivated me to continue to pursue my masters in global public health and return to Oaxaca and not only help the children at CORAL but all the people in Oaxaca. I definently enjoyed all the excursions but my favorite one was going to Teotitlan and learning about the Women's Weaving Cooperative. I really wished that me and the group went to Tehuantepec because it was interesting when my professor talked about how women run the markets and how society there has a deep appreciation for women which some people find stunning. The reason I found it interesting was because that society is open to different sexualities like homosexuals. I would have loved to go into town to interview some of the women there and the other locals to understand more of why they appreciate women so much and are open to other sexualities. In other words, tonight me and the group are going to go out for dessert and enjoying the zocolo one last time before heading to the states. Adios Oaxaca! Hola Estados Unidos!

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