Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 20 in Oaxaca, Mexico: 4th of July
Well its 4th of July and I have to say that it went very well. I admit that I am upset that I didn't get to see fireworks with my friends back at home cause that's the tradition we usually have every year but there is always next year. At the same time, I feel very homesick and I think that as it gets closer and closer to departure from Oaxaca the more I miss my family and friends back at home. I love Oaxaca a lot, the people are friendly, and I like the people in my group but I just feel that I'm ready to go back home and spend time with my family again. This whole experience here in Oaxaca was very life changing for me because I immersed myself in the culture by living with my wonderful host mom Socorro and speaking Spanish with her on a daily basis. I had a conversation with my host mom yesterday and I asked her if she would miss me a lot and she said in Spanish that she would and that she considers me her daughter. Its very tough right now because even though I love Oaxaca and wish the program was a little more than a month I do miss my home in New Jersey. I will make these next four days memorable and make them last as much as I possibly can before I leave for the states.

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