Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday June 7th Day 3 in Oaxaca: Examining the differences between Oaxacan culture and American culture. Reflections on my homestay.
Right now its 10:21pm in Oaxacan time and I'm so exhausted, buts its a good feeling because it means my day was full of adventure. It started with me waking up at 7:30am to a once again amazing breakfast. Today my host mom served me and my classmates cut up mangos and watermelon then she served us huevos con habas frescas junto con jugo de la sandía fresca y yogur. (eggs with beans along with fresh watermelon juice and yogurt). I'll admit I was hesitant to try the yogurt cause I thought it would upset my stomach but it didn't. Honestly, I'm glad I got adjusted quickly to everything here in Oaxaca from the food to the laid back atmosphere. Back in the United States I'm used to thinking constantly on my feet and not having enough time to do anything. I've noticed that Oaxacan culture is very relaxed about life in general. The people here take their time on anything whether its cooking, eating at the dinner table, chatting at the dinner table, running errands, or attending meetings. Today when my host mother was serving me and my classmates breakfast she was talking on and on about things to do in Oaxaca, asking us our favorite fruits, what our favorite activities. By the time she finished talking to us we left the house around 7:40am and still got to the ProWorld orientation exactly at 8am. Even after the orientation was over and I went home with my classmate Katie I managed to finish more schoolwork than I expected thanks to the large amount of time I had today and the relaxed atmosphere of Oaxacan time.
Personally, I wish the United States time was exactly like Oaxacan time because there would be less stress among everyone. Another thing I observed today was how people here in Oaxaca greet you while walking down the street. I had alot of women approach me and my classmates saying simple greetings like "Buenas diaz" or "Buenas tardes." I know in the United States we focus on ourselves because we have our own things to worry about and accomplish. It makes me sad to think about this because I feel that if everyone in the United States could just put aside their differences and put aside the daily stress that life gives we would all be saying hi to each other. I love how the Oaxacan people live collectively because they care about not only keeping their culture but taking care of their people as well. They say that smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better. Smiling improves health, your stress level, and your attractiveness.
Another thing I really enjoyed today was exploring the Zocolo with my professor and classmates. In my opinion I still get overwhelmed by the colonial buildings and the vibrant colors on those buildings. Professor Guarnaccia took us to the market today which had restaurants in it and a market to buy hats, clothes, and other woven materials. One thing I found interesting and unique was that in Oaxaca they eat grasshoppers. I'm curious as to why Oaxacans eat grasshoppers but at the same time I really want to try it at a restaurant. I'm pretty sure grasshoppers have some type of nutritional value to them at least I think they do.
Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to my field site CORAL with ProWorld and I'm meeting my supervisor to figure out what I'll be doing there and what's required of me. I'm super excited to get settled and working with deaf children and their parents to provide them low-cost rehabilitative services.

Buenas noches a todos!!

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