Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 16 in Oaxaca,Mexico Reflections on Cooking Class Yesterday and CORAL
Well I just got home from CORAL and I feel very productive. Today I did alot of paperwork inventory on the children at the clinic and observed more therapies. Honestly, I love Wednesdays at CORAL because I get to participate with my favorite kids Ernesto and Angel. These boys are so sweet and adorable. When they were crying today during their session I managed to use my spanish to tell them to listen to the woman conducting the therapy and that I promised I would participate with them in the next half of the therapy. The boys surprisingly listened and the moms who were observing the therapy were impressed that I was able to calm their boys down. I can't help it I love kids they are just too precious. Besides CORAL, yesterday was a blast! I came home from CORAL to find my classmates and my professor at my host mom's house for cooking class. We made "Sopa de Azteca"(Aztec Soup) and "Tacos Durado." Those dishes are personally my favorite because my host mom made it a couple times at the house. Sopa Azteca is consisted of tomatoes, garlic, and onions, tortillas, and guacamole. Its one of the tastiest soups I have ever had and its so much better than the ordinary chicken noodle soup. Tacos durado is chicken folded into a tortilla flour then fried on a pan topped with guacamole and purple cabbage. I swear this dish is to die for it makes the tacos at taco bell look terrible. I personally can't stand fast food in the United States cause it makes me sick and its too processed. After me and my classmates made the soup and the tacos we did eat it together and it was amazing! To top it off I got to try chapulines, grasshoppers, and it tasted better than expected. I recall one of my classmates saying that chapulines tasted terrible but I liked the crunchy texture the only thing I didn't really like was that it was very salty but overall it was awesome! After we ate the dishes my host mom gave us the recipes for us to take home to make for our families. I can't wait to make these for my parents when I get home! Things just keep getting better and better!

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