Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 15 in Oaxaca, Mexico: Reflections on Puerto Escondito and the remainder of the trip
I can´t believe the weekend flew by so fast. This past weekend I went to Puerto Escondito with my group and it was such a blast. We went to the beach first and the water was really warm surprisingly. I was expecting the water to be super chilly but then again the beaches in the United States are freezing. After the beach we went out to a nice Italian resturant in town and they had the best seafood I have ever tasted. I really wish the United States had fresh seafood like Mexico because the food doesn´t feel heavy. Usually when I eat fish in the states it feels very heavy because of all the added hormones and chemicals. The only downfall of the trip to Puerto Escondito was the hotel because it was six people to a room and that´s not what we booked for. Honestly, I can´t believe this is my second to last week here in Oaxaca because I feel like I just got settled here and I´m used to my daily routine. I love chatting with my host mom daily, I love the people here in Oaxaca, I love working at CORAL I love the food, I love my classes, and I love the atmosphere. One thing I´m definently going to miss when I go home next week is how Oaxacans greet you everyday on the street with a ¨Buenas diaz¨ or ¨Buenas noches.¨ Simple greetings like that for me personally  boost my day and I know in the United States not many people would do the same. Another thing I´m going to miss is chatting with my host mom everyday during dinner because she tells me what´s going on in her life with her children and how she misses them. I share with her with the spanish I know what´s going on in my life and what things I like and what I see myself doing in 10 years. Lastly, I´m definently going to miss CORAL because I loved observing the therapy sessions and participating with the children. I love how when I walk into the sessions the children remember me and greet me with big bear hugs. I´m glad that I´m able to put a smile on their face and leave a good memory for them. I really want to come back to CORAL once I finish college so I can work longer in the clinic and do more community outreach and fundraising. Well, I´m going to make these final twelve days last and the best.

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