Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th Day 5 in Oaxaca, Mexico
I can't believe its already five days that I've been living here in Oaxaca. My goodness time flies when you least expect it. Today so far has been very peaceful I edited my paper for my seminar Monday and had a wonderful breakfast with my host mom. My host mom made "los huevos con stringbeans y melón"( eggs with string beans and cantelope) and it was delicious. Back in the United States I usually avoid cantelope because its my least favorite food and I found it sour tasting. I ate the cantelope for breakfast this morning and it was so sweet and juicy I was shocked. I'm definently going to miss the cantelope when I go back to the United States. Besides breakfast, for lunch "I had tamales con salsa y pina"( tamales with salsa and pineapple). Honestly, when I heard we were eating tamales I was expecting it to be unbearably spicy because I recall watching a cartoon when I was younger and the character ate a hot tamale and was complaining of it being very hot. When i ate the tamale it was not spicy at all until I put the salsa on it but it tasted very good. I swear as the days pass I become more excited and anxious to see what the day will bring because I'm learning and trying new things everyday. I love the Oaxacan culture I love the food, the people, and the atmosphere I wish the United States was like this.

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